Highlights of 2021

  • Nine internals for a thickener plant for Roytec in Las Chispas
  • 45m thickener internals for DRD Gold

Other projects we have worked on

  • Mbombela Contract
  • NNPP Pipeline contract
  • Various mining shaft sinking projects
  • Complete rebuilds and repairs of LHD mining buckets, H-Frames and Booms
  • Floating filtration plant for dredging operations in Mozambique
  • JAEJ40 continious miner for Australia.
  • Various Roytec thickener plants and filter presses for South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South America.

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General and Precision Engineering

StrucMAC has an experienced, professional team on hand to provide you with the best solution for your requirements. We offer a range of fabrication, general, precision and heavy engineering services including:

  • Welding and boilermaking
  • Pipe cutting and bending
  • Product and prototype design
  • Structural fabrication
  • CNC milling, drilling and turning
  • Sandblasting as a value added service


We have experienced qualified boilermakers that are able to fabricate
complex components.

  • Pipe and cone developments
  • Tank fabrication
  • Structural fabrication
  • Complex plate work and spirals

Stress Relieving and Non Destructive Testing

StrucMAC offers stress relieving either in-house with their own vibrating stress relieving equipment or independently for heat stress relieving.

StrucMAC offer in-house ultra sonic and dye pen NDT.

On-site Line Boring

Our mobile teams are able to service and repair bores on site and without assistance for the following:

  • Basic boilermaking
  • Line boring of articulations
  • Bore welding
  • Bush and pin fitting

CNC Milling, Drilling and Turning

StrucMAC has invested in a large array of cutting edge technology and tooling for our CNC equipment. Our machinery includes:

  • Large and medium boring mills
  • Production optimised milling machines
  • Precision turning of large, medium and small components
  • Slotting

Earthmoving Repairs and Rebuilds

StrucMAC offers total rebuilds and repairs to various types of mining machinery

  • DK25 drill rig rebuilds and repairs
  • DK25 rotary power heads
  • Atlas drill rig boom parts
  • Track frame rebuids on:
    • CAT D10
    • CAT D11
    • Komatsu 375-5
    • Komatsu 375-6
    • Komatsu 475-5
    • Komatsu 475-6
  • Purpose built bearing and sleeve induction heater for track frame
    components and assembly
  • Any other earth moving equipment repairs

    Underground mining equipment rebuilds and repairs

    StrucMAC has experience in re-building and repairing a variety of underground mining equipment

    • LHD mining buckets, H-frames and booms
    • Service exchange units on LHD buckets, H-frames and booms
    • Articulation pins and bushes
    • Main frame repairs and welding

    Structural Fabrication

    StrucMAC has a state of the art automated beam line for optimised and effcient production of structural steel. Fabrications are done to customers engineering specifications.

    • NC file production
    • Fit up and welding
    • Pre and final assembly
    • Selected erection


    StrucMAC of ers service exchange units for the following:

    • DK25 Track Frames
    • CAT D10T Track Frames.
    • KOMATSU D375-5 Track Frames
    • KOMATSU D375-6 Track Frames
    • CAT 140/14 Grader Front Axels
    • CAT 140/14 Grader Blades
    • CAT 140/14 Grader Circles
    • CAT 140/14 Grader A-Frames
    • CAT 16H Grader Blades
    • CAT 14/16 Grader Blade Hanger Boxes
    • CAT 140 Grader Tandem Housings
    • CAT D10T Dozer Equalize Bar
    • KOMATSU D375 Dozer Equalize Bar
    • KOMATSU D475 Dozer Equalizer Bar
    • DK25 Rotaryheads
    • LH 208 Buckets
    • LH 208 Cradles
    • DK25 Mast
    • KOMATSU GD825 Grader Front Axle
    • KOMATSU GD825 Grader A-Frame
    • KOMATSU GD825 Grader Circle
    • KOMATSU GD825 Grader Blade Hanger Box
    • KOMATSU GD835 Grader Blades
    • GHH 4,4 & 5,1 Loader Buckets
    • GHH 4,4 & 5,1 Booms

    Sandblasting and painting

    StrucMAC offers sandblasting and painting as a value added service to our customers. Our sandblasting bay can accommodate large items, the bay is 16m wide x 30m deep x 5.4m high. This service includes:

    • Sandblast to SA 2 specification
    • General priming
    • Specialised epoxy coating for tanks
    • Two and three paint coat systems as per client specifications