About us

StrucMAC’s history began in 1996 as a precision engineering company. Our first factory consisted of a 100m² facility with 5 employees.

StrucMAC now has a state of the art 14 800m² manufacturing workshop facility. We make use of the most modern and up to date digitised production systems, professional planners, machinists and artisans and a quality system developed over a period of 25 years to ensure excellent service, quality and quick project turn around.

We owe our success to our committed, dedicated team, our leadership’s continual strive for the highest engineering standards and quality, and the fact that our customers have, and always will be, our main priority.


Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Mission

StrucMAC is committed to providing our customers with excellent service in the engineering industry. This, in turn, also contributes to the success of their customers, suppliers and all of their employees.

StrucMAC strives to develop our employees through training and the provision of a secure, safe and equitable working environment which respects the rights of all.

Our Vision

To be the dominant design, repair and supplier of engineering works company in the world through innovation and service excellence.

Our Goals

To supply customers with:

  • Quality products
  • Professional service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Integrity
  • To build partnerships with customers, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

We aim to

  • Deliver quality products and service to clients through efficient communication and focusing on their specific needs.
  • Establish strong long-term relationships with suppliers in order to ensure optimum productivity and cost efficiency.
  • Provide secure employment with opportunities for growth through training, and promote a culture of pride in the quality of our company, products and services.
  • Satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations by staying on-par with their requirements.

Main Business Activities

To supply customers with:

  • General engineering
  • Precision engineering
  • Earthmoving repairs
  • On-site line boring
  • Stress relieving and NDT services
  • CNC milling, drilling and turning
  • Boilermaking
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Underground mining equipment repairs

Latest Technology

StrucMAC is the leader when it comes to upgrading systems to provide the best possible service and quality to our customer base. Our facilities include machines for CNC profile cutting up to 300mm thick, laser cutting up to 20mm thick, plasma cutting up to 50mm thick, flame cutting up to 250mm thick, beveled edges up to 150mm, CNC boring, milling and turning, CNC beam line fabrication, high frequency stress relieving and many more. StrucMAC is service and quality orientated. Our operators have received international training in Canada, USA and in the Netherlands.

We are the proud owner of two of the biggest CNC boring mills in South Africa. The Skoda FCW140 has a 3m x 3m turntable, with a load capacity of 60 ton. The 4-Axis horizontal milling area is 3.5m x 3.5m x 10m long. The Fermat WF13R has a double turntable bed, with a load capacity of 20 ton on the first and 40 ton on the second turntable. The 4+1-Axis machining area is 10m X, 3.5m Y, 0.7m Z, 0.8m W.

We are awaiting our new Yu-Shine CNC Vertical Lathe YS-VL-1000ATC. It has a swing diameter of 1.35m, turning diameter 1.15m, turning height 1.47m and a table diameter of 1m with 4 ton capacity. Due for delivery end of September 2022.


StrucMAC has a reputation for integrity that is second to none, in which would ensure your intellectual property would be kept in-house and not made available to suppliers.

Consequential Damage

StrucMAC carries R10 million in consequental damage insurance


StrucMAC is a proud level 2 contributor to B-BBEE and a value added supplier.


StrucMAC is part of a group of companies that became an empowered company in 2007, earing us the approval of various major organisations. Most of the companies in this group are 51% black owned companies.


StrucMAC leaders continuously motivate the staf f with positive
re-enforcement, daily reminders of self worth and visible inspiration signage.


StrucMAC have a training auditorium where we conduct safety and theoretical training and certification. We also host motivational speakers and supplier training.