We operate from our advanced facility based in Elandsfontein, Johannesburg. We are passionate about improving our area and constantly repair roads and pavements in the neighborhood.

StrucMAC now has 2 x direct 80KWH solar systems and 1 x 300KWH battery backup solar system that can run our workshop for 9-15 hours. This means we are not dependant on local municipal power, and are NOT affected by loadshedding or power outages.

StrucMAC also collects rain and borehole water, which is filtered and treated to potable standards. This provides an estimated 90% of the water that we use. These investments are part of our environmental plan to create a sustainable production facility.

We have 1 x 16 ton and 1 x 30 ton portal cranes and 22 overhead interior cranes ranging from 4 ton up to 40 ton, which are serviced monthly. We have our own fleet of 94 vehicles and drivers ranging from small run around’s, field service vehicles to a 24 ton low bed Hino700.

We have over 70 different machines ranging from conventional lathes to
4-Axis boring mills

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Our Machines

Fermat WF 13R CNC floor type boring machine

Double rotary table for machining 10m X, 3.5m Y, 0.7m Z, 0.8m W

SANCO SHM-800L boring mill

0.8 x 0.8m table.
X travel 2m, Y travel 1,5m and Z travel 1m


Bridge type milling machine with bed 4l x 2w x 1.8h m


CNC horizontal boring & milling machine complete with Renishaw
probe and tool setting system
1.5 x 1m table.
X travel 1.5m, Y travel 1.5m, Z travel 1.2m and W travel 0.4m


3 x 3m, 60 ton turn table.
X travel 10m, Y travel 3.5m, Z travel 3.5m and W travel 1.5m

Honeywell radial arm drill

Leadwell LTC35CXL

Lathe with driven tooling and with 0.6m swing x 3m long

CTW61160B / 8000mm

Lathe with 1m swing x 8m long

Center lathe 3m swing x 2m long

Leadwell V-50L

CNC machine centre with 1m x 0.5m bed

Leadwell MCV-1500it

CNC machine center with 1m x 0.5m bed

Leadwell V-40L

CNC machine center with 1m x 0.5n bed


CNC machine center with pallette changer
0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m

Profile machine

Plasma machine


Profile side cuts up to 300mm plate & can bevel
Plasma side cuts up to 150mm mild steel & 50mm stainless & can bevel

HELI PTO 400x4000 bending press

400ton HELI press brake 4m long

SANCO SHM-3030R boring mill

8 ton table
X travel 3.5m, Y travel 2.3m, Z travel 1.6m and W 0.5m

SANCO SHM-11040R boring mill

1.4 x 1.6m table.
X travel 4m, Y travel 2.3m, Z travel 1.6m and W travel 0.5m


Bridge type milling machine with bed 3.8l x 1.8w x 1.8h mm

150 ton Press

Harp CW6280

Center lathe with 0.6m swing x 3m long

Harp radial arm drill

Leadwell LTC25i

Lathe with driven tooling and bar feeder

Feeler FTC-350XL

CNC center lathe with 3m swing x 1.5 long and bar feeder

Leadwell V-40L

CNC machine center with 1m x 0.5m bed

2 of Leadwell V60it

5-Axis CNC machine center

Bemato BMT-2473R

CNC machine with 1.2m x 0.5m bed

Leadwell LTC 20 DMY

with prodis STM65 driven tooling and bar feeder


Power-bend pro 4100 x 600 ton 6 axis press brake with hydro mechanical
crowning system prepped for tandem

HELI 13-3100 guillotine

4meter Guillotine cutting up to 10mm mild steel

MG 16mm Plate Roller 3meter long

HELI 13-3100 guillotine

We can cut 3000mm long x 10mm thick

HELI 170-3000 bending press

We can press 170 ton x 3m long

150 ton long bed press

HARP Z3063x20/1 Radial arm drill

We can drill up to 63mm diameter

CKH 61200

Horizontal CNC lathe with 1.5m swing x 3m long

Yunnan Cypml 660x2000G

Center lathe with 0.6m swing x 2m long


Center lathe with 3m swing x 1.5m long

Eastar CNC slotter

Feeler NB-1100A

CNC machine center with 1m x 0.5m bed

150 ton hydraulic press

and punching machine

Voortman V630 drilling system with V1050 Ban saw combination

for automatic cutting, drilling and marking.
We can cut beam profile section 1.13 x 0.5 x 13m long
while drilling 3 sides simultaneously and mark 4 sides simultaneously.

TRIUMPF 6KW fibre laser

with 6000×2500 pallet changing bed
Cuts from 0.5mm to 25mm mild steel and stainless steel

PRIMA power maximo DC 040 laser cutting machine

TRUMPF TruBend 3100

3meter 100ton 4 axis cnc bending press

Radial arm drill 23050x16(I)